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This is a website with software, online-calculations, and online database for apparatus and construction engineering.

You can free of charge download demo versions of the programs and see how they work.

Online you can easily and at good price make numerous calculations.


This is an official website of Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Gert Lau.

The company specializes in stress/strain calculations and actively collaborates with FDBR - a working group dealing with strength calculations and design rules.


Technical dictionary for apparatus and construction engineering can be used online on this site.

This site deals with numerous vague points in the areas of materials, erection failures, and conceptual design.

PVP Thermal 2D - Lecture

PVP Thermal 2D is a tool for a quick estimation of two-dimensional temperature distributions under time variable thermal loads.

A lecture for PROBAD-Meeting, November 2007

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